The Sussex Jewish Representative Council provides a central contact point for all Jewish organizations in Sussex. We are also affiliated to the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Our remit is to act as the presiding body of the Sussex Jewish Community, acting as an umbrella organisation embracing all Synagogues and Jewish organisations within the Sussex area.

Our main objective is to protect and further the interests of the Sussex Jewish community and the Council offers the community the opportunity to work as one and acts as the voice of the Sussex Jewish Community. We also maintain the Communal Diary and act as Administrators for the Community Renewal Fund.

The Council is composed of delegates from each of the Jewish organisations – approximately fifty in number – in the community. The role of the delegate is to report back on matters discussed at Council to his or her own organisation. In addition the delegate should report on major activities in their own organisations and bring to Council any problems they may be encountering which could impact on the whole community.

The meetings act as a communications forum for all and give an insight to all on what is happening throughout the community. Today more than ever with the growing anti-semitism in this country we need to work together as a united community.

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