Amelia Craig Appeal

Fundraising mission to help Amelia become a dancer


How much thought do you put into walking every single day? Imagine having to think and suffer through every single step. That’s the reality  for three and a half year old Amelia Craig, daughter of William Craig who is a well-known member of our local community


picture1Amelia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, however after being born 10 weeks prematurely her family were given the devastating news that she has Spastic Diaplegia Cerebral Palsy leaving her unable to join in with her friends and participate in normal activities. This painful life long condition mostly affects her limbs and means the muscles in her legs are permanently contracted. Amelia is unable to walk like you or I, she can only walk very short distances on the tips of her toes.


Fortunately there is hope, Great Ormond Street Hospital have approved Amelia for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). This involves permanently cutting up to 75% of the nerves in Amelia’s spine to release the stiffness, helping her to walk more easily, however she will have to learn to walk all over again. Unfortunately whilst recognised by the NHS this operation is not currently funded.  The family need to raise £85,000 to cover the cost of the operation and the specialist two years of intensive rehabilitation physiotherapy afterwards.


The family have started a fundraising campaign and need your help to make Amelia’s dream of being a ballet dancer a reality. As well as donationspicture2
they are on the look out for any budding superheroes in the making ,who would like to get involved in the campaign or to help by undertaking a challenge or two for charity. Perhaps you want to participate in a cake sale, charity bike ride, 5k run, triathlon, bungee jump, abseil, maybe you want to really push yourself and try the Bear Grylls Survival Race, or Skydive with the Red Devils. If you are up for a challenge please consider fundraising for Amelia.

Without this vital operation Amelia will continue to be in pain every day, and will probably end up wheelchair bound for life. To find out more about how to donate or to get involved go to, you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter @AmeliasSdrWish