Peter Kyle MP: Reply on the question of Ken Livingstone

Peter Kyle has agreed to the publication of his recent reply to a letter to him on this subject by a member of the local Jewish community:

“I’m stunned, angry, and simply heartbroken by the decision. The overwhelming majority of Labour MPs are. Livingstone toys with and inspires hate, of that I have no doubt. He is, by most definitions, an unrepentant anti-Semite. The fact that he remains in the same party as I do shames me. I have already signed two letters demanding our NEC reverse this decision and another a public letter to be released later. I wish there were something more I could. I feel bitterly let down and can only imagine how local members of the Jewish community must feel.

There’s nothing I can possibly do to compensate for this lunacy, but I do hope that our Jewish community know that for as long as I have this job I will always be there for them and that there is not a single atom in my body that share the views of people like Livingstone.

Yours, Peter “