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What annexation would mean for Israel’s future?
The new Israeli government is set on annexing West Bank territory as early as July 1st – a move with potentially grave consequences for the region’s stability and for the future of the two-state solution. Whether Netanyahu moves forward with annexation this summer or not – the issue has brought the fundamental question of Israel’s future to the forefront once again. Would Israel aspire to expand its borders from the Jordan River to the sea, or would it promote the establishment of an independent Palestinian state next to it? Is there still hope for a two-state solution? Which option does the Israeli public support? And what each option would mean for Israel’s future as a democratic and secure Jewish homeland?
Maya Ilany is the deputy director of Yachad, the pro-Israel pro-peace movement of British Jews. She has previously worked in parliament for senior Labour MP Ian Austin. Growing up in Israel, Maya served in the IDF for three years as a journalist and presenter in the official forces radio station, broadcast across the country.
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