Rabbi Sarah is a profoundly passionate Jew with a deep love of the spiritual, theological and practical aspects of our faith. She leads by example (she is the epitome of the saying, ‘If you want something doing, ask a busy person’), and is also committed to supporting the learning, participation and contribution of everyone in the community, regardless of background. Elli has fostered a sense of community in her congregation that touches all – members, Friends or just once in a lifetime visitors to our synagogue by the sea.

Elli has a long history of activism both inside and outside the world of Judaism. As a feminist lesbian, she is a steadfast voice against inequality and discrimination. As a Rabbi, she is learned, wise, highly intelligent, a skilled teacher, compassionate, dedicated and much more. From intricacies in theology and Hebrew language to humanitarian issues and the puzzles of daily life, Elli’s erudition and keen insight make her lessons and sermons unique, penetrating and stimulating.

If you want to learn more about your Jewish faith and history, if you are not Jewish but have an interest, or you are interested in converting to Judaism, the Access to Judaism classes that Rabbi Sarah runs are fascinating and instructive – you can commit to the entire course or just drop in as a particular class grabs your attention. Elli encourages dialogue and intellectual discussion in a warm, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes all students, of all ages and all levels of understanding.

Elli is committed to making a difference, on both a small scale and in the wider world.  Her dedication to our synagogue and our community, her warmth, vibrancy and deep empathy for humanity as a whole is something we never take for granted.